Which facilities are the target in this system?

  • Importing and exporting companies of radioactive materials
  • Carriers of radioactive materials
  • Health facilities used radioactive materials
  • Producing establishments

How can I open an account in the electronic system?

  • The account can be open by registering on the website
  • Fill out personal data and choose the type of activity
  • Activate the account through the link sent to your registered email
  • Access to the website username and password
  • Fill out the fields and attach the required documents, and then select send the request

Do you require payment to open an account in the electronic system?

  • It does not require opening an account in the electronic system to pay registration fees at this time

How can I update user information after the registration is completed and approved?

  • Access to the email account
  • Select update
  • Confirm the update
  • Now the user can update information and send the request for evaluation and approval

How can I communicate with those in charge of this system?

  • For inquiries, you can contact us at the support email.

How do I know the status of the application?

  • The status of the application can be identify under the "Status" field at the Home page, also an email will be sent to the registered email address shows any update on the status of the application.